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After many years of breeding Siberians, I felt compelled to put together what I hope will be helpful to those looking for Siberian Kittens.

Finding the right breeder is more than finding an available kitten. 

Everyone of us is different, both buyers and breeders alike.  Choosing a breeder that's a good fit for you and your personal situation is more important than most people realize.  Selecting a reputable breeder will bring a level of comfort should you have a concern.  The Siberian traits and low allergen qualities speak for themselves.  A fancy website doesn't mean a breeder is reputable.  

Trust yourself in who feels right and walk away when it doesn't. 

Be careful of breeders that make claims to be the best of the best, better than the other breeders in their community.  A reputable breeder is connected to other reputable breeders.  This shows that they have a cooperative spirit to be of help to others, are willing to seek out council when they themselves are in need and willing to learn more about their breed.  Some breeders prefer to connect with fellow breeders by showing their cats.  Showing helps breeders to compare notes and be of support to fellow Siberian breeders.  Those that remain active in the show halls have the past and current ribbons to prove their dedication and hard work. 

Breeders that claim to be breeding from “low allergen parents” will have the documentation to prove that.  They have done the work and gone to the expense to test their cats.  Hypoallergenic should never be used as a catch phrase or a sales pitch.       

A reputable breeder protects their chosen breed.  Breeders that respect their breed, in this case the Siberian Cat, will never breed their Siberian to a different breed of cat or work to create a new "Designer Breed" to market.  The Siberian's ancestry, their very heritage, is well documented as far back as 1000AD and deserves to be held with great respect.  They are not a product but rather a living, breathing, loving animal and should be treated as such.  Both cat registry’s, TICA- The International Cat Association and CFA- Cat Fancier’s Association, state in the Siberian breed description, that outcrossing (breeding to a different breed) is not permitted. Those that hold up their breed and their fellow breeders with respect, will never destroy or pollute what they hold so dear.  A reputable cat breeder continually works to improve their own cattery by striving to breed for excellence in health, correct physical type, good temperament and of course to protect the standard of their breed.  This only comes with study and sincere intentions to better the lives of our cats and kittens.

I apologize that I must overlay both my verbiage and my pictures to protect my work and my kitten buyers

from those that have copied portions of my site and passed it off as their own, to the unsuspecting public. 

Siberian Cats are kind in nature, intelligent and love to be near you. -Dede

Choosing A Breeder

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